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"One Box A Week" Series - $200 organic Kunming vegetable box with free shipping, please click here for details

Our store grandly launches a healthy vegetarian series for you, with detailed recipes and ingredients from Taiwan, don’t miss it!

We have the minimum $380 concessionary delivery, applicable to local vegetables, Yunnan vegetables, some fruits, fresh meat and frozen foods, for details, click here

Organic Day 2024

If you are an organic supporter, remember to come to the "Organic Day 2024" this Sunday, March 3. There will be more than 100 organic fish farmers and retailers participating in the exhibition, selling the freshest and most beautiful harvests from the farms and fisheries, or Select high-quality organic products from local and overseas, and share them with you all at Chater Road! Including D21, we are next to Dot Dot Green, welcome to visit!

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