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例如: 廣東新會陳皮,廣式腊味,石灣美術陶瓷。山西陳香醋,汾酒,竹葉青酒。福建武夷岩茶,福建蜜餞。浙江西湖龍井花茶,西湖藕粉,金華火腿,紹興腐乳。景德鎮瓷器,瓷板畫。新疆乾果,哈密瓜、香梨⋯⋯。 







南生圍明姐: 有中草藥到手香,冬冬草,羅漢果,淮山等等⋯

大欖郊野公園: 有無污染蜂蜜,檸檬,熱情果,黃蜂酒等等⋯



Dry local organic agricultural products, traditional local products

China is vast and rich in resources, rich in resources, rich in products, rich in folk culture, and special diets are flourishing. During Chinese New Year holidays, Chinese people like to make some traditional food by themselves, which is made according to local agricultural products everywhere. Because the materials are more common, the taste is unique, word of mouth coupled with the convenience of modern transportation, many famous local products that were originally confined in one area are transmitted out and become representatives of local traditional food culture.


For example: Guangdong Xinhui ChengPi, Cantonese-style wax, Shiwan fine art ceramics. Shanxi aged balsamic vinegar, Fen wine, bamboo leaf green wine. Fujian Wuyi rock tea, Fujian preserves. Zhejiang West Lake Longjing flower tea, West Lake lotus root noodles, Jinhua ham, Shaoxing fermented bean curd. Jingdezhen porcelain, porcelain plate painting. Xinjiang dried fruit, cantaloupe, fragrant pear...


More options There are also many local farms in Hong Kong. A group of health-conscious farmers made a lot of dry goods by themselves, hoping to preserve the traditional artisanal food culture so that Hong Kong people have more choices.


Pinglang Farm ChiuJe : ChangPi and lemon stewed rock sugar, ginger slices, sugar ginger, tea fruit, South African leaves, etc...

Ms. Liu from WingHingWai : Pickled plums, pickled vegetables, wild tuckahoe, wild cattle, wild mulberry, Hakka bacon dumplings, etc...

Choi Yuen Farm Ah-Chuk : Dried marigolds, dried vegetables, dried vegetables, pickles, etc...

Nanshangwai Ming Je : There are Chinese herbal medicine to hand incense, winter grass, Luo Han Guo, yam, etc...

Tai Lam Country Park : Is there any pollution of honey, lemon, passion fruit, wasp wine, etc...

Fuqin Farm: There are dried dragon fruit, dried bawang flower, etc...